The popular Arri SR (Silent Reflex) 16 and Super 16mm cameras are known for their robustness, reliability and easiness of use. The SR 2 offers an affordable choice for short films, music videos and commercials.

Technical Specs


  • Standard 54mm PL mount 
  • Length: measured from lens flange
  • Viewfinder horizontal L x H x W 264 x 195 x 160mm
  • Viewfinder vertical L x H x W 264 x 287 x


  • Camera body, 3,2 kg (7.05 Ibs)
  • 120 m magazine 2,2 kg (4.85 Ibs)


  • 120 m coaxial quick-change magazine for use with film on
  • plastic bobby, "Winding B" or (with increased noise level) 60m daylight loading spools; hinged lid


  • Kinematic, jointed pulldown; registration pin; image
  • steadiness is 1o/oo of frame height. Registration pin position + 3

SHUTTER: 180° one-piece, mirror shutter intersects optical axis 9 mm before the focal plane at 45°, reflection upwards
POWER: 12 Volt, Connector: 4-pin DIN 15931
PLUG.IN BATTERY: 12 Volt,-1,2 Ah
CAMERA MOTOR: DC quartz precision motor, 1500 rpm at 25 fps, 1440 rpm at  24 fps, quartz accuracy 5x10-6
FRAME SPEEDS: Quartz 24/25 fps
MANUAL SPEED CONTROL: With variable speed unit (VSU) Variable 5 -75 fps
POWER CONSUMPTION: Approx. 1 Amp at room temperature
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -20°C to + 50°C (-4°C to + 122°F)
PILOT TONE: Pilot tone supply DIN 15575, pilot frequency 50 or 60 Hz
START MARKING: Automatic full frame start marking

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes: 

  • Arri SR 2 SUPER 16mm camera
  • Super 16mm Ground Glass
  • SR2 CEI Color V Flicker Free CCD Video Assist
  • CEI Video Assist 3 pin Fischer Power Cable
  • Arri SR2 FE-2 Extension Viewfinder w/2X Magnifier
  • Arri SR2 400’ Time Code Magazine
  • Arriflex Sliding Base Plate
  • Camera Dovetail plate  a
  • Arriflex LWS-2 Mini Rods for SR2/3
  • Arriflex On-board battery elbow SR2 1
  • SR2 24V On-board Battery
  • Arri SR2 24V Battery Charger
  •  Arri Right Hand Grip
  • 24 Volt Power Cable

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