The LMB-3 from Arri is a clip on matte box ideally suited for 16mm zoom lenses, as well as Zeiss/Arriflex 16mm prime lenses (8-180mm), and 35mm primes lenses (16-180mm). It features a rubber hood and can adapt to the popular 80mm with the help of an adapter ring. The LMB-3 also attaches directly to the 16 mm Vario-Sonnar T2/10-100 mm, T2/10-100 mm II and T2.2/11-110 mm zoom lenses.

Main features:

  • (2) Stage 4×4 lightweight clamp matte box
  • Flexible rubber hood
  • Fits 87mm front lenses
  • Optional step-down ring for use on 80mm lenses available

Technical Specs

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • Arri 4x4 LMB-3 Matte box
  • Flexible Rubber Hood
  • 2 filter stage back
  • 2 4x4 filter trays
  • Optional: 80mm adapter ring

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