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The Alexa XT Plus (XT = Xtended Technology) is the most versatile and flexible of the Alexa XT camera range. With an integrated wireless receiver for camera and lens remote control directly compatible with the WCU 3 and WCU 4, built-in tilt and roll sensors, a DNxHD license and additional connectors for camera and lens control, signal output and accessory power supply, the Alexa XT Plus offers the best value for anyone who can live without an optical viewfinder and doesn’t require the modular Alexa XT M.

Like all Alexa XT cameras, the Plus has internal ND filtration, a 4:3 Super 35 sensor, Open Gate sensor mode, integrated CDL capture, LDS PL mount, new viewfinder mounting bracket, included anamorphic de-squeeze and high speed licenses as well as a new, super silent fan. Check out our other package option with the XR module and Codex Drives which allows for internal recording of high speed and ARRIRAW! And, also take a look at the Internal Filter Module (IFM-1).

Cameras always updated to most current SUP.

Technical Specs

Alexa XT  (with SxS module) Features:

  • 4:3 Super 35 sensor
    • ideal for anamorphic lenses
    • increased post flexibility for spherical lenses
  • Built-in ND filter option (2)
    • internal filter holder reduces weight, reflections and hassle
    • 8 full-spectrum neutral density (FSND) filters available from ND 0.3 to ND 2.4
    • neutral color balance at all densities
    • anti-reflective multi-coating maintains high contrast
    • precision polishing preserves image sharpness
  • Included anamorphic de-squeeze and high speed licenses
  • Built-in Lens Data System (LDS)
    • more efficient on-set and in post
    • Lens Data Archive (LDA) for use with non-LDS lenses
  • Integrated CDL capture
    • stores ASC Color Decision List in ARRIRAW metadata
  • Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-3
    • improved operating comfort and flexibility
    • strong and rigid construction
    • special hard, low friction anodizing on all moving parts
    • 15 mm lightweight rods hold viewfinder mount
    • built-in bubble level
  • Super silent ALEXA fan
  • Quick switch BNC connectors
    • can be exchanged without camera disassembly

Our Kit

Our rental package includes:

  • Arri Alexa XT Plus 4:3 Sensor
  • Arri Electronic View Finder EVF-1
  • Arri Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VEB-3
  • Arri EVF Cable Short KC 150-S
  • Arri EVF Cable Medium KC 151-S
  • Arri SxS Adapter
  • Arri Shoulder Pad SP-4
  • Arri Leveling Block LB-1
  • Arri 19mm Bridge Plate BP-8
  • Camera 12" Dovetail Plate
  • Set of 19mm Rods
  • SD Card
  • Arri 12 Volt Accessory Cable KC 154-SP-S
  • Arri Ethernet Cable KC 153-S
  • 5 Pin XLR Male to Double 3 Pin Female XLR audio cable 24 Volt Power Cable for Arri Cameras (4x)
  • 3 Pin XLR Extension Power Cable (2x)
  • Sony 64g PRO SxS-1 Card (4x)
  • Sony SxS Card Reader

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