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The 25-250 is a quality, all purpose zoom meeting most production needs with desirable 25mm WA position, 10x range and weight of 16lbs. The Style series is fully compatible with the latest generation of digital cameras, with the resolution 4K and higher. The lens comes standard with PL mount but EF (Canon) Mount is also an option.

Main Features:

  • Optimo quality and cinematic look.
  • Perfect homogeneity of colorimetry, contrast and resolution.
  • Optical design optimized for today’s large format single sensor middle budget cameras with extended compatibility.
  • Low chromatic aberration, telecentricity and low distortion, ideal for high performance S35 digital cameras.
  • Internal focus with minimal breathing.
  • Very robust and precise zoom and focus mechanics with Angénieux unique rod guiding system design.
  • Precise, ergonomic focus ring, in feet or meters on request.
  • Image Coverage S35+ format (31.4 mm diagonal).
  • Compatible with Angénieux Extender 1.4X and 2X, and available in EF Mount (please specify when ordering).
  • /i Technology metadata interface.

Technical Specs

  • Aperture: f/3.2 - T3.5
  • Zoom ratio: 10X
  • Weight (approx.):  16.0 lbs - 7.3kg
  • Length:  377.4 mm
  • MOD: 4 ft - 1.22 m
  • Image coverage: S35 + 31.4mm diagonal
  • Front Diameter: 136mm

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • Angénieux Optimo Style 25-250 Zoom Lens T2.8
  • Motor Bracket 
  • Motor Bracket Insert 
  • 18" Dovetail Plate 
  • 18" 15 or 19mm Diameter Rods 
  • 15 or 19mm Low Support

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