Exceptional optical performance, not previously achieved with an anamorphic zoom:
2x squeeze, no ramping or breathing, a fast aperture of T:4 exceptional sharpness and low distortion.
For high-end film and digital cameras.
Perfect homogeneity of colorimetry, contrast and resolution.
Compact and very light (4.8 lbs- 2.2 kgs)
Focus scale with over 50 witness marks for precise focus position. Easy interchangeable scale between imperial and metric.
Minimum image coverage of 28.8mm diagonal perfect of 4 perf scope film camera and S35 digital camera with 4/3 or 16/9 sensor type.
The flexibility of the zoom and the exceptional image performances of the 56-152 A-2S provide a new freedom of movement while shooting in anamorphic 2x squeeze mode.

Works with the Angenieux 0.75x Adapter


Technical Specs

Aperture: f/3.6 - T:4
Zoom ratio: 2.7X
Weight (approx.): 4.8lb - 2.2kg
Length: 210 mm
Front Diameter: 114mm
MOD: 2’1’’ – 0.63
Image coverage: 4 perf. scope +: 28.8mm diagonal

Our Kit

Our rental kit includes:

  • Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic 56-152mm T4.0 (2x Squeeze)
  • 19mm Low Support
  • 19mm Rods
  • Dovetail Plate
  • Custom Carrying case

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