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The Alan Gordon’s Mark V Director’s Viewfinder is a “lens-less” viewfinder. By adjusting the settings on the direct-reading windows (lens, format and aspect-ratio), cinematographers can obtain an accurate framing of a shot, saving them precious time on their next set up.  The Alan Gordon Viewfinder provides an impressive range of film and video formats to choose from, .

  • 12:1 Zoom Ratio Ring
  • Smooth zooming from wide angle to telephoto.
  • Focal lengths are viewed in windows located on the barrel of the viewfinder.

The zoom range, or prime lens focal length for the various formats is as follows:

  • 16mm Film: 8.5-100mm
  • Super 16 Film: 10.5-125mm
  • 35mm Film: 18-200mm
  • 35mm Anamorphic Film: 40-420mm
  • 2/3″ Video: 8.5-75mm
  • 1/2″ Video: 6.5-64mm

The aspect ratio choice is as follow:

  • 1.33 TV
  • 1.66
  • 16×9
  • 1.85
  • 2.40 Anamorphic

Technical Specs

  • "Lens less" director viewfinder 
  • Six glass elements produce the sharpest image possible.
  • Film sizes and video formats are color-coded for quick reading.
  • Adjustable Focusing Ring & Rubber Eyecup
  • The eyepiece focusing ring can be adjusted to sharpen the image at any given setting, much like the viewfinder adjustment on the camera. 
  •  Weight: 14.5 oz (0.4 kg)
  • Length: 4 5/16" (125mm)
  • Front Lens Diameter: 2 1/4" (58mm)
  • Black, anodized exterior finish with chrome trim and strap



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