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The Type 7291 Mole-Richardson 6K Molequartz Spacelight offers the Motion Picture Industry a highly diversified lantern light. Use the silk skirt and target for a multi-directional lantern look. And black skirt to direct that soft light downward. All Spacelites are equipped with safety screens.

When fitted with 6- 1000 watt FCM bulbs, Black Skirt, White Silk Skirt and Silk Target, this fixture will emit a beam 28 footcandles 21 feet in diameter from a distance of 15 feet.

When fitted with 6- FCM bulbs, White Silk Skirt and Silk Target, the light emitted will be 16 footcandles, spread out over a diameter of 15 feet.

-Rugged sheet aluminum construction with high heat black powder coated enamel finish.

-Attached chrome plated steel chain for hanging.

-Fixture is equipped with legs, for easy stacking of units for storage.





Technical Specs

Rating: 6000 watts, 50A max

Socket (Lampholder): Compressible, 2 contact

Lens (Condenser): N/A

Reflector: 27.75" Alzak aluminum

Mounting: Chain and ring

Yoke: None

Cable: Socapex Out; Socapex to 3 x Edison Plug included.

Focusing: N/A

Weight: 16 lbs (7.3 kg) fixture only (34 lbs. with Skirt, Silk and Target)

Dimensions: 27.25 x 12" (69 x 30cm)

Our Kit

Our kit includes:

  • Mole Richardson 6K Space Light (w/ 6 x 1,000w FCM Lamp)
  • Full Solid Skirt
  • Silk Skirt
  • Silk Diffuser (Target)
  • Half Solid Skirt
  • Diffuser Frame
  • Skirt Bag
  • 2 x 1,000w FCM Spare Lamp (8 Total)
  • Socapex to 3 x Edison Plug

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